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Our Nation's Finest Warriors

These are some of the men and women who serve our country with pride. I do not remember all their names but that does not make them any lesser than those I do remember.

Capt Morgan? No! SSGT (then SGT) Lint, 101st STSB - Bagram AB Unkn soldier 10 SBDE - Salang Tunnel

Capt Michael F Buckley, USMC ETT 1-11 Commander - COP Rocco

Wally (translator), Capt ?, Unkn Soldier, Civilian Chris Mizell, Capt ?, Maj. Christine Enriquez - 10 SBDE- Salang Tunnel

SSgt Murphy USMC, ETT 1-11 - COP Rocco SSgt ? USMC ETT 1-11 - COP Rocco

SSG Floyd Smith, Gorgia National Guard, teaching Afgan soldiers on the M60 - COP Rocco

CAPT ? 10 SBDE- Convoy brief to Salang Tunnel - Bagram AB

Unkn soldiers Georgia Army National Guard ? - COP Rocco

HM3 "Doc" Luke Cournoyer, USN - COP Rocco - Comes from a long family line of Navy Corpmen

Unkn Marine ETT 1-11 - COP Rocco

Unkn 10 SBDE soldiers with Afghan Special Security Forces - Salang Tunnel

Unkn Marine ETT 1-11 - COP Rocco

1stSgt (then GySgt) Curtis Rice, USMC ETT 1-11 - Surobi Lake, Naghlu Dam

I know her only as Chris, USAF Dog Handler. - Bagram AB

Unkn soldier, Huey helicopter flight to Jalalabad.

BG C. K. K. Chinn, USA / COL James Carpenter, USA / MG Curtis Scaparrotti


Unkn side gunner in a CH-47 helicopter.

Unkn SGT 101st STSB - Bagram AB

Brian D (me - USMC Ret), Maj. John Nindl, USMC, 1stSgt (then GySgt) Curtis Rice, USMC ETT 1-11 - Departure COP Rocco
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