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Tehran 1973Iran 1972, shooting a concert at the German Club, Tehran.

I began my photographic career while living in Tehran, Iran, from 1970 to 1974. As a high school student living in Iran, I found photographing this beautiful country an inspiration which motivated me to continue my photographic projects. While living in Tehran, I spent time with other student photographers where we learned photo techniques from each other.

I became even more proficient as a photographer while spending time in the Marines where I was an expert in the area of military communications. After completing my 20 year tour with the Marines, I went back to work in the private sector and joined a Satellite communications company in southern California.

I recently worked in Afghanistan primarily in Satellite Communications, but never without a camera in my hand.

Afghanistan 2009Afghanistan 2009 with Army and Marine personnel.

Not only did this offer me many unique opportunities to photograph the region and the people, both foreign and domestic, but an opportunity to photograph the brave men and women and their lives and activities in this war zone. I was not there to cover the war, just those involved.

On top of digital photography, I have experience with film and still shoot film with 35mm and medium format cameras. My film of choice is Kodak Portra 400. Kodak defines Portra 400 as "the world’s finest grain high-speed color negative film. At true ISO 400 speed, this film delivers spectacular skin tones plus exceptional color saturation over a wide range of lighting conditions."

During the Fall Season, I lend myself to do school portraits. Working with kids is a joy. The expressions they generate and the energy is unbound. Even though the images must be standardized, it is still fun to try and get the kids to smile while keeping their shoulders and face at the prescribed angle. Oh... the challenge!

My photographic equipment-

Nikon D700 Full Frame DSLR
Nikon F SLR
Nikon F Photomic FTn
Nikon F2 SLR
Nikon F2AS SLR
Nikon AF Nikkor 28-105mm f3.5-4.5D
Nikon AF Nikkor 70-210mm f3.5-4.5D

FujiFilm x100 w/23mm f2
Canon G12 always at the ready!

Mamiya RZ67 6x7 Medium Format
Mamiya 110mm f2.8
120mm Roll Film Back
Polariod 3.25 x 4.25 Instant Film Back
PD Prism

Film preference: 35mm Kodak Portra 400
Film preference: 120mm Kodak Portra 400

Monolight (high powered strobes) lighting, backdrops, umbrellas, Flash Units.

Some of my other hobbies

Sailing: S/V Takara

Music: Youtube / Reverbnation

I can be contacted for assignment or inquiries about my work by email: Brian B Donaldson

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