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Note: in order for this to work, images must be in 4x3 format. Ensure that your camera app is setup for an aspect ratio of 4x3.

2 Prints For The Price Of 1

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With the increased popularity of cell phone cameras and point-n-shoot (PNS) cameras, making prints for photo albums are also becoming very popular. Stores like Walgreen, CostCo, Target, Walmart, etc... have printing services. However, most of these printing service use standard print formats like 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10. Not always do the images taken on cell phones or PNS cameras fit in those formats.

The defacto formats for cell phones and PNS are 4x3 and 16x9. The later is used for HD video and fits most HDTV screens available on the market today. However, 4x3 is an older standard that was used to support Cathode Ray Tube computer monitors of the earlier years of computers. Even today's flat screen monitors are 16x9.

With this in mind, making prints from either format could result in the loss of some of the image. In most parts that is OK if the image is of scenery. But if the image is a close-up of a person or a group then important data may be lost due to auto cropping. This will not do and there must be a way to save this information, and, make two prints for the price of one.

Walmart Printing Service

Just about every Walmart has a printing service. I will use Walmart only because that is where I go if I need prints. The current price for their Instant Prints are 29₵ per 4x6 print. Pricing for 1-Hour prints gets better if in quantity of 50+. However, their online send-in service price is 19₵ for quantities up to 100. (These prices are available via Walmart.com/photo)

Remember that I mentioned that 4x3 images do not fit in 4x6 formatted prints? If that is OK with you then no need to read on. However, if you really want to save money on your prints, why not make double prints on one sheet of 4x6 paper? If you print at home you can do the same thing. It really is simple. Here is how to do it.

2 Prints On One Sheet

This procedure is for Windows based machines, but I am sure it can be adapted to Apple PC. Since all WinPC have MSPaint built into the software, we will use that. No need for Photo Shop of any kind.

Open MSPaint

  • 1. Press the WIN+R key, or press the Start Key
  • 2. Enter MSPaint.exe in the provided search box
  • 3. Press Enter
  • Import your 4x3 images into MSPaint

  • 1. Press CTRL+O to open a file
  • 2. Double-click on the image to import
  • Resize the image

  • 1. Select RESIZE in the Home Tab
  • 2. Select PIXELS
  • 3. Enter Vertical value of 1200
  • 4. Horizontal will auto size
  • Copy the resized image

  • 1. Press CTRL+A to select the image
  • 2. Press CTRL+C to copie the image
  • Create a new file

  • 1. Select FILE from the File Tab
  • 2. Select NEW
  • 3. Select Don't Save
  • Resize your template

  • 1. Select RESIZE
  • 2. Select PIXELS
  • 4. Enter Horizontal 1800
  • 5. Enter Vertical 1200
  • Insert copied image in new template

  • 1. Press CTRL+V insert the copied image
  • Insert a second image

  • 1. Pressing CTRL+V will insert the second image on top of the first image
  • 2. Place cursor over image
  • 3. Press left mouse button
  • 4. Move image to the empty space on the right side of the template
  • 5. Release mouse button
  • 6. If not in the correct position use arrow keys to move image up/down/left/right until you are happy
  • 7. Save the new image which will contain two 4x3 images on a 4x6 sheet
  • Warning - if at any time during the insert/move process you click outside of the image, you will have to start over again.

    Remove the second image

  • 1. Pressing CTRL+Z will remove the second image
  • 2. Revert back to Insert a second image to add another image
  • Save and Print

    Now that you have saved your work, move the images to a memory card or thumb drive and head to your favorite printing service. Insert the card or drive and then when the time is right, select 4x6. If you are printing all the images you can Select All and then print.

    The savings will be seen if you print 10 4x6 images for $2.90 and go home with 20 4x3 prints. Cost per print? 14.5₵ and that is even cheaper than the 100 quantity price of 15₵. Granted, it is a lot of work moving two 4x3 prints into a 4x6 template, but the saving will eventually mount up.

    Happy Printing!